About Me

I’m a writer, photographer, and part-time daydreamer. A native southerner, I made it back to Tennessee in spite of myself, but I’ve also lived in both NYC and Scotland, places which inspired me deeply, contributed hugely to my general creativity, and also made Memphis humidity completely intolerable. I have a Scottish husband complete with accent, three weird and amazing and beautiful children, and two cats. Only one cat likes me, but the other one is coming around.

I love TV and Stephen King. I fangirl pretty frequently with zero apologies. I have a Dark Tower tattoo and a Doctor Who tattoo and Supernatural air fresheners hanging in my car. See also: I had a dog named after Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. I’ve watched every episode of The Office at least five times and I own a Dunder Mifflin hoodie. I once had a dream I was playing Quidditch and it was literally the best dream of my life.

I’m that weird kind of introvert that seems like an extrovert. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I’m a recent orphan. I write about death a lot, because I’ve experienced a lot of it. I write about love a lot, because I’ve experienced a lot of it. I also write about birth, breastfeeding, feminist junk, equal rights, and politics, because I’m a hippie liberal pinko commie living in a tiny rural Southern town that is entirely red. I collect bones and feathers. I love the beach but want to live in a witch’s cottage in the middle of the woods. I hate writing bios.